Monday, January 16, 2012


The Wall exhibition space was set up for me before Christmas and I had something in mind but it was clearly out of my ordinary - but something a gallery owner (formerly the Cube) suggested to me months ago.  I had envisioned a larger than life pixel gorilla in 3D and thats all I had in my mind at the time.  I didn't know how I was going to build it, and didn't know how it was going to end up and I was clearly concerned about prims.  It isn't abstract but it isn't realistic and since pixel art is based on a cube, it seemed like it would be something I was capable of attempting without learning new skills.  I got a late start because I got sick around the holidays but managed to work on it over several nights in a row.  I don't have a studio for something this big so I used a sandbox.  I was self concious about working in the open but because there were other artists there I chatted up a few and Asmita Duranjaya  suggested the "Prim Generator" which I went out and purchased immediately.   Like everything new, it starts with stops and stalls and suddenly at the very end...after many long hours and thoughts along the dog trail in the finally gets there.  It was worth the pain, the struggle, the embarassment, the risk of humiliating myself, the fear of failure, and the time I could have been watching a football game.  The gorilla is colorful, not the pink and white that it started out.  The gorilla is painting the walls with his own image - which turns out to be all about me.  Ha!!
The rules were:  1) pixel based, no exceptions, 2) no more than 300 prims, and 3) scale should be based on the SL cube (ok, so I verred off a bit).

Join me for the OPENING EVENT Sunday, January 22.  1 pm - 2 pm.
See the video:
This is a temporary exhibit - its only up for 5 days.

Kuru Kuru

I fear this fabulous installation will close soon and I am just now getting around to writing about it.  The pictures say it all. 

The Best of Second Life Magazine

Persia Bravin and Morgana Nagorski teamed up to do a nice feature on me and my art.  What a way to welcome the New Year!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Suspicious Mountain Revisited

In June I unveiled what I thought might be my last Primagery series called Suspicious Mountain.  Then I was asked to exhibit more of my work at a couple of other galleries.  I had already compiled a retrospective at the Mexico gallery so what was I going to do that was new and interesting?  I went through my inventory of pictures and decided to resurrect the Suspicious Mountain prim sculptures and see what else I could find.  I put them all together, retextured them, spun them upside down and all around and took about 30 shots - not necessarily of suspicious looking mountains.  Out of all those shots, there was one that stood out - and it had that suspicious looking mountain in it.  It will be auctioned off at the Artisan Castle on Friday as a one-of-a-kind.  I think its beautiful.  Here is a reproduction.
Many of my textures were created by Jewel MacMoragh when we were partnered and before she left SL.  The irridescent texture you see in the landscape above makes this piece a winner.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The September Round - UWA

So...I'll miss the UWA challenges each month. :( There is one more but I don't have anything to submit/ Two of my works are in contention for the Grand Finale: "Spatial" and "Here Comes the Sun" On this Sunday, "Primscape Dream" has won something, an honorable mention perhaps, I don't know. UPDATE: Primscape Dream won 2 prizes!!! I'm truly proud of my work. Its original to Second Life and cannot be duplicated in RL. Theres a nice blog about it...although it is misnamed. Chronocules...?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pablo Valbuena This is a site specific installation by Pablo Valbuena. Amazing video of the light playing off the existing structure and the visitors. Wow!!! Look at the Hague City Hall! Genius!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hope Mountain

I started out making this Hope Mountain for a Relay for Life plot but I got booted off the project. Instead, I continued the idea for submission into the UWA 3D Competition for July. It is now an immersive non-scripted entry. Climb up to the top, if you can. :)