Monday, February 22, 2010

Pastiche Gallery Opening 2-21-2010

The Opening Event at this lovely glassed gallery was a success. Pastiche was kind to state that my Primagery is fresh and unique. To this day, I am the only one that is continuing to explore this technique of artistic expression. This series "Spatial" was initiated through the No Texture Imagine Challenge and evolved from some simple ideas. I'm always happy to share the excitement of my discoveries with others in Second Life. There were new people at the gallery who got to see a wide range of possibilities.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thomas Schütte

This contemporary German artist is prolific and dabbles in everything. I really dig his stuff.
He makes architectural models and sculptures that remind me of some things I am doing in Second Life.
Kunst is the German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish and Estonian word for "art".

Spirit House Chandelier by Libeskind

the Spirit House Chandelier Royal Ontario Museum Chandelier Toronto, Canada Designed by Daniel Libeskind and donated by Swarovski, the Spirit House Chandelier will be installed on the staircase between the Level 4 Institute for Contemporary Culture Gallery and the Level 5 Crystal Five (C5) Restaurant Lounge. Completion: 2008Client: Royal Ontario Museum Technical Details:Dimensions:Length:29 ft.Height: 10 ft.Width: 10 ft.Weight: 800 lbs.Structure Details:More than 100,000 Swarovski crystals wrapped around an illuminum frame. Credits:Manufacturer: Leuchten Manufactur Wurzen GmBh
Something like this looks easy enough to make in Second Life and far less expensive than in RL.

Cubist Guitars

Pablo Picasso, Bottle of Vieux Marc, Glass, Guitar and Newspaper, 1913, collage and pen and ink on blue paper, 46.7 x 62.5 cm, Tate Gallery, London.
Exploring cubism and the guitar in the 21st ca using digital means via Second Life is my next journey. I have sounds to add to the sculptures which I think will prove to be an interesting evolution of the subject matter. Paintings experienced in 3D has driven me to this end. I hope it is fruitful. It sometimes is painful to break from the usual patterns. I'm anxious to put this idea to work soon in a series of primagery. This mode of collage lends itself well to the "prim painting" method of presentation but that really is still only 2D and scripted and so I avoid it. In cubist artworks, objects are broken up, analyzed, and re-assembled in an abstracted form instead of depicting objects from one viewpoint, the artist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints to represent the subject in a greater context. Often the surfaces intersect at seemingly random angles, removing a coherent sense of depth. The background and object planes interpenetrate one another to create the shallow ambiguous space, one of cubism’s distinct characteristics.