Monday, November 21, 2011

Suspicious Mountain Revisited

In June I unveiled what I thought might be my last Primagery series called Suspicious Mountain.  Then I was asked to exhibit more of my work at a couple of other galleries.  I had already compiled a retrospective at the Mexico gallery so what was I going to do that was new and interesting?  I went through my inventory of pictures and decided to resurrect the Suspicious Mountain prim sculptures and see what else I could find.  I put them all together, retextured them, spun them upside down and all around and took about 30 shots - not necessarily of suspicious looking mountains.  Out of all those shots, there was one that stood out - and it had that suspicious looking mountain in it.  It will be auctioned off at the Artisan Castle on Friday as a one-of-a-kind.  I think its beautiful.  Here is a reproduction.
Many of my textures were created by Jewel MacMoragh when we were partnered and before she left SL.  The irridescent texture you see in the landscape above makes this piece a winner.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The September Round - UWA

So...I'll miss the UWA challenges each month. :( There is one more but I don't have anything to submit/ Two of my works are in contention for the Grand Finale: "Spatial" and "Here Comes the Sun" On this Sunday, "Primscape Dream" has won something, an honorable mention perhaps, I don't know. UPDATE: Primscape Dream won 2 prizes!!! I'm truly proud of my work. Its original to Second Life and cannot be duplicated in RL. Theres a nice blog about it...although it is misnamed. Chronocules...?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pablo Valbuena This is a site specific installation by Pablo Valbuena. Amazing video of the light playing off the existing structure and the visitors. Wow!!! Look at the Hague City Hall! Genius!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hope Mountain

I started out making this Hope Mountain for a Relay for Life plot but I got booted off the project. Instead, I continued the idea for submission into the UWA 3D Competition for July. It is now an immersive non-scripted entry. Climb up to the top, if you can. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rauschenberg Revisited

My friend Jewel is a photographer. She's got a show of her work in NYC. The images she presents are of current pop culture which reminds me of the great Robert Rauschenberg's "combines".
"....Apropos of Mr. Rauschenberg, Cage once said, “Beauty is now underfoot wherever we take the trouble to look.” Cage meant that people had come to see, through Mr. Rauschenberg’s efforts, not just that anything, including junk on the street, could be the stuff of art (this wasn’t itself new), but that it could be the stuff of an art aspiring to be beautiful — that there was a potential poetics even in consumer glut, which Mr. Rauschenberg celebrated."

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thomas Heatherwick and his Studio

The first picture is the Seed Cathedral, Shanghai Expo 2010.
The other piece is called Sitooterie. The structure is part of a collection of artworks in the grounds of Barnards Farm Gardens, West Horndon, Essex, UK.
A cube punctured by 5,000 long windows emit light. The project is made from anodized aluminum and the windows are tubes glazed with a transparent orange acrylic. Inside the central cube one light source illuminates all the windows and a few of the tubes provide seating.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Suspicious Mountain

Ok...kinda blurry. Monroe Snook made this poster for the revealing of my new primagery series, which is possibly my last. All the info I put on my notecard is on the poster.
The show is at the new Warehouse at Studio 33.
This series is different than any I have done before. I made a prim grouping and took photos but didn't like I put on a ripple sculpty..and took some more pictures. They looked like mountain landscapes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bauhaus Revisted

A show I can really relate to...:) My friend Soundsmith Kamachi is curator at the Vista Hermosa Art Center and put together an exhibit that suits me just fine. I'm all about revisiting --- not reinventing.
The concept: The idea is that the artwork shows how Bauhaus has influenced your art or, alternatively, how you would interpret Bauhaus concepts in today's context. "Bauhaus" of course comprises all phases - from foundation in Weimar, over consolidation phase to its disintegration in Berlin. Influences, e.g. Expressionism or De Stijl.
The opening of "Bauhaus Revisited" is preliminarily scheduled for June 4 (a Saturday) at 2 PM SLT. Opening event:At the opening there will be a dance performance of Oskar Schlemmer's "Dance of the Sticks" by Janjii Rugani with music by Soundsmith Kamachi. As usual, there will be a live concert during the opening, plus champagne and dance balls.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oberon Onmura

The snapshots are taken from Oberon Onmura's exhibit at his sim, Push. The notecard is paraphrased below...
"April, 2011 I have prepared five pieces - some old, some new - for display at my place on Push. I'd be very happy to show them to you personally, or you can just visit whenever you get a chance. Here are very brief descriptions and LMs. Please use this notecard as a self-guide to go from piece to piece.
One of my earliest pieces using opposing physical objects to create movement and energy. There is also, in my mind, a cognitive tension created by seeing seemingly massive steel cubes dancing in space like helium balloons.
The brick blocks that make up the Plaza rise and fall and change color depending on the density of the cloud cover overhead. Random chairs appear and disappear, giving the scene an added desolation.
Contact Improvisational
Based on a dance improvisation technique from the 1970s, the prim "dancers" control and energize each other in a continuous dance.
The Stand
A stand of cybernetic ornamental grass, waving and changing color as the wind blows through. They collapse when avatars get too close.
A cyclonic type wind that is common in Egypt and Sudan towards the end of March and April of each year. Hot weather ensues, as well as sandstorms."
I loved them all but best one for me was Khamaseen...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Glyph Graves to Sabrinaa Nightfire

A beautiful creation by Glyph Graves, for all to experience:
The notecard:
"In one of our last conversations Sabrinaa said to me "I want to go kayaking" Its something she enjoyed very much and she kayaked in the river that flowed right past her house I imagine her gliding across its surface creating gentle ripples across its surface When we move through the world be it virtual or physical we create ripples, and, sometimes those ripples touch others. Sabrinaa created many ripples, gentle ones. This piece for Sabrinna is in two parts The first is a representation of her river go on, walk through it .. make your own ripples The second part is a flower, as many of you know she loved to make her flowers..... this one is for Sabrinaa. you can reach by touching the smaller flower at the base of its stem. Please turn off streaming music and media. Once there you can hear her river, the one that flows right next to her house. The notes and colours of the balls you see are chosen by the height and the surface temperature of her river. They will phase in and out with each other like an unstructured Steve Riech, there is no set tempo each one moving to the vaugarities imposed by the sim, bobbing like leaves on water, As her river slowly rises and lowers the texture is shifted so it changes the colour of the flower head that surrounds you. you may want to up your draw distance and pan from the outside. Sunset is a good setting. This is her river in real time more or less ..
Glyph AcknowledgmentsSoundsChords by Lorin ToneAmbiant Drone by DJ Chronos ( by Jovica ("

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Art Inspired by Music Inspired by the Sciences

Misprint Thursday invited me to participate in an exhibition called Visualizing Theorem. The show is being hosted by UTSA Adminstrative Island. The basis of the work is music that is inspired by math and science. Each artist chooses a musical piece to inspire an artwork.
I chose 002 "Error Code" because I liked the quick-paced rhythms, the electronic stacato, drum beat and the soft but off chord melody. It was pervasive, like the rhythm of rain and light patterns. As usual, I had to go through several iterations and failures to finally discover what I could do to best express the music. My work hasn't much to do with math and science or an error code. Its all about what the music inspired.
Photos above show the 100 prim piece created for 002. There will be teleports to the various artists submissions.
ARTISTS 0001 • Time/Space- Werner Kurosowa 0002 • Error Code 0c7-Sledge Roffo 0003 • Dark Energy -Betty Tureaud 0004 • Division by Zero -Oberon Onmura 0005 • Mitochondrial Savannah 0006 • Phases- Miso Susanowa 0007 • Positron -Penumbra Carter 0008 • AbioGenesis -Binary Quandry 0009 • No E Level-Misprint Thursday 0010 • Moons Of Galileo-Douglas and Desde 0011 • Socratic Paradox 0012 • Neolithic Revolution 0013 • Event Horizon- Scarp Godenot 0014 • Hypnagogia 0015 • Aleatoric 0016 • Ladder Contraction
The opening for the exhibit is set for Saturday April 2, at 4 pm SLT
Error Code slurl:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Art Breaker II - Album Cover Theme

Pendulum's album cover looked like something I could make for the album cover theme for Art Breaker at the Pop Art Lab this year. There are only a few more weeks left before it opens and there is much to do. I've enlisted the great minds and talents of two collaborators - Desdemona Enfield and Jewel MacMoragh to help me make this a fun and lively interpretation. Desdemona is well known for her scripting and builds quite well too. Jewel has helped me several times with her clever textures and inspiration.
Frankly, I don't know too much about the music but the cover art is pretty cool.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Artist Michael Knutson

Shown above:
Bipolar Coils II, oil on canvas, 183 x 366 cm (72 x 144 in), 2008 San Romano, acrylic on canvas, 213 x 152 cm(84 x 60 in), 1981
Tango, acrylic on canvas, 152 x 213 cm (60 x 84 in), 1982
A local artist...painter. I was looking at representations of "tango" and came across this great article showing a vast portfolio of his work. I'm impressed. They are very organized and geometric, yet organic.

Monday, January 17, 2011

House Full of Shadows

Pirats - Omega Art Gallery, PiRats Art Network (63, 77, 85)
Featured on the poster is a picture from the exhibit that I brought to this gallery. Its called a House Full of Shadows. It's a 3D experience that falls into a category that is only possible in a virtal world - where else could I build something like this? Come experience it and let the shadows play on your avi.
The textures were created by Jewel MacMoragh, my ex partner and collaborator. This House Full of Shadows is dedicated to her and our memories together and to everyone that has enjoyed time with another and loved another. On the wall is an excerpt from a song..."In this House full of shadows, while the rain keeps pouring down my window too, when will the pain recede to the darkness, from whence it is come and I'm feeling so blue". Van Morrison wrote these words in "Reminds Me of You".