Sunday, February 27, 2011

Art Inspired by Music Inspired by the Sciences

Misprint Thursday invited me to participate in an exhibition called Visualizing Theorem. The show is being hosted by UTSA Adminstrative Island. The basis of the work is music that is inspired by math and science. Each artist chooses a musical piece to inspire an artwork.
I chose 002 "Error Code" because I liked the quick-paced rhythms, the electronic stacato, drum beat and the soft but off chord melody. It was pervasive, like the rhythm of rain and light patterns. As usual, I had to go through several iterations and failures to finally discover what I could do to best express the music. My work hasn't much to do with math and science or an error code. Its all about what the music inspired.
Photos above show the 100 prim piece created for 002. There will be teleports to the various artists submissions.
ARTISTS 0001 • Time/Space- Werner Kurosowa 0002 • Error Code 0c7-Sledge Roffo 0003 • Dark Energy -Betty Tureaud 0004 • Division by Zero -Oberon Onmura 0005 • Mitochondrial Savannah 0006 • Phases- Miso Susanowa 0007 • Positron -Penumbra Carter 0008 • AbioGenesis -Binary Quandry 0009 • No E Level-Misprint Thursday 0010 • Moons Of Galileo-Douglas and Desde 0011 • Socratic Paradox 0012 • Neolithic Revolution 0013 • Event Horizon- Scarp Godenot 0014 • Hypnagogia 0015 • Aleatoric 0016 • Ladder Contraction
The opening for the exhibit is set for Saturday April 2, at 4 pm SLT
Error Code slurl:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Art Breaker II - Album Cover Theme

Pendulum's album cover looked like something I could make for the album cover theme for Art Breaker at the Pop Art Lab this year. There are only a few more weeks left before it opens and there is much to do. I've enlisted the great minds and talents of two collaborators - Desdemona Enfield and Jewel MacMoragh to help me make this a fun and lively interpretation. Desdemona is well known for her scripting and builds quite well too. Jewel has helped me several times with her clever textures and inspiration.
Frankly, I don't know too much about the music but the cover art is pretty cool.