Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thomas Heatherwick and his Studio

The first picture is the Seed Cathedral, Shanghai Expo 2010.
The other piece is called Sitooterie. The structure is part of a collection of artworks in the grounds of Barnards Farm Gardens, West Horndon, Essex, UK.
A cube punctured by 5,000 long windows emit light. The project is made from anodized aluminum and the windows are tubes glazed with a transparent orange acrylic. Inside the central cube one light source illuminates all the windows and a few of the tubes provide seating.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Suspicious Mountain

Ok...kinda blurry. Monroe Snook made this poster for the revealing of my new primagery series, which is possibly my last. All the info I put on my notecard is on the poster.
The show is at the new Warehouse at Studio 33.
This series is different than any I have done before. I made a prim grouping and took photos but didn't like them...so I put on a ripple sculpty..and took some more pictures. They looked like mountain landscapes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bauhaus Revisted

A show I can really relate to...:) My friend Soundsmith Kamachi is curator at the Vista Hermosa Art Center and put together an exhibit that suits me just fine. I'm all about revisiting --- not reinventing.
The concept: The idea is that the artwork shows how Bauhaus has influenced your art or, alternatively, how you would interpret Bauhaus concepts in today's context. "Bauhaus" of course comprises all phases - from foundation in Weimar, over consolidation phase to its disintegration in Berlin. Influences, e.g. Expressionism or De Stijl.
The opening of "Bauhaus Revisited" is preliminarily scheduled for June 4 (a Saturday) at 2 PM SLT. Opening event:At the opening there will be a dance performance of Oskar Schlemmer's "Dance of the Sticks" by Janjii Rugani with music by Soundsmith Kamachi. As usual, there will be a live concert during the opening, plus champagne and dance balls.