Monday, September 28, 2009

Richard Dawkins - What If You're Wrong?

The Cambrian Explosion

Workin on the Cambrian Explosion for Burning Life. Is like nothing I've ever done before. On such a large scale...
Opening on October 17 - 25th, the Burning Life 2009 experience is absorbing much of my time lately. This work mixes realism and abstraction in a fun and exciting way. I'm experimenting with different effects of light, sounds, and other scripts. I've reached 270 prims already, even after removing the flatbed.
Cienega Soon visited and took a picture - posted on Flickr.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bistro Olive Exhibit

This show was a challenge to say the least but the people were so receptive and the results quite satisfying.

A collection of works inside and outside on the grounds represent an addition to what I'm currently displaying at the Hopper House Gallery and other places around the grid.

Go visit and enjoy some music and dance!

Sledge Roffo's Small Art Parcel - 576 sq M - 300 Prims

So here is what the camp looked like after one day.
The flatbed and the old pick-up are full of materials and a few days of supplies.
There isn't a convenience store nearby and as you can see its in the middle of the desert. Not even a tree for shade. This dry parched campsite will be transformed into an oasis. The lightweight balsa wood blocks will rise from the fossil pond into an explosion of color and sound. Clouds of mist and the churning of time and devolving matter will represent "The Cambrian Explosion".
Excert from Burning Life 2009 Guidelines: Just pretend that you're bringing everything you need with you in your car or truck and you're going camping. Extreme Camping. Really Extreme Camping.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 1 - Burning Life Camp

First Day in the desert, towards evening. Found the dry parched campsite and a mound of sand. Pulled the flatbed truck close by and took out the pick and the shovel and began digging. Uncovered some interesting rocks with fossils embedded. After several hours of digging, a pool of water bubbled up to the surface. It was here that I was inspired to create a piece called "The Cambrian Explosion"as part of the theme of this year's Burning Life. The Cambrian explosion was the seemingly rapid appearance of most major groups of complex animals around 530 million years ago, as evidenced by the fossil records. The exhibition begins October 17. I have plenty of time to learn what it is that I want to do with this experiment.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Patrick Dougherty - Incredible Sculpture

Amazing nests of unraveled textures ....reminiscent of hair and fibers that have been lifted from some natural form but totally out of this world.
Check out this website to see more photos.

Alan Binstock Sculpture - Rebuilding

An architect and construction project manager, he turned to sculpture as a way of self-expression using the materials he found most readily available and visually appealing. He considers his works sculptures in light. The first work on the left represents the two towers, called "A Touch of Shakti" (Glass16x12x4) and the one on the right is "A Time for Re-Building" (Glass, Steel68X12X12)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

John Chamberlaiin

John Chamberlain accomplishes with crushed auto parts what the Abstract Expressionists accomplished with paint. He creats vast, swirling compositions of colored metal scraps from automobiles that earned him international fame. In his prints, Chamberlain transposes dynamic color abstractions from his sculptures to two-dimensional surfaces. Since the 1950s, Chamberlain has worked with steel ribbons to create his sculptures.

Ernest Trova

Like all artists, to do series work is extremely satisfying. Ernest Trova, an artist who died this year began as a painter and then a sculptor.

He created multiple versions of "Falling Man" and reduced the form further and further, both in painting and sculpture. He even started his own sculpture park.