Monday, March 30, 2009


Inspiration comes from many things and it may just be a stepping off point. Action and motion are often difficult to convey in pictures but possible in Second Life sculpture.
Interested in seeing where this will take me without being figurative.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Like Moths - Its Primal

We are drawn to light. I always have been and continue to be fascinated with light. I search the light in the sculptures I make for the images that draw me in.
What these artists depicted in the series listed below dedicated their whole lives to, we are just tapping the surface of in Second Life. There is so much more to be discovered.
It may not be possible for me to visit these places in real life or see these light shows...but perhaps there is something that can inspire more within me for my work in Second Life.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Whats Possible in Real Life

Dale Chihuly creates beautiful glass sculptures, chandeliers, environmental installations, and other smaller works that inspire me in my own work. I'm looking forward to visiting Tacoma soon to see up close what I perceive to be the most gorgeous art created today in real life.

This video tells his story quite well:

I'm no glass blower and don't intend to embark on such an ambitious new career, but am tranferring my love of this work to my Second Life...where it is possible for me to make things that are "glass-like".

I've got so many things I want to do...

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Science and Art of Mathematica

This photo looks a little like something I'm working on and Calabi-Yau sounds like a good name for it. I don't know too much about string theory, quantum gravity, 11 dimensions, etc, but I can appreciate the beauty of the graphical representation. I always liked cubism because it wasn't precise and what I do is never precise. Its purely random and illogical. Mathematica melds art and science in this collection on Beautiful graphical representations of Dodecahedra, Icosahedra ,Lissajous Boxes,Moire Trefoil, Polyhedras, and other mathematical art. I wish I had the ability to create something like these in Second Life but I don't. I'll leave that up to Seifert Surface, et al. Michael Trott is rockin! Mathematical sculptors abound: Carlo H. Sequin, Brent Collins, and many more I have yet to discover. Hey...even my Aunt Maggie can knit a mathematical example:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sonia Stardust

Kelly Yap Gallery
Sonia Stardust created these fun booths..where my cartoon avie can look human in a cartoon. I bought one and making my own poses because...*pose balls not included* Not sure what the caption reads...doesn't matter, does it? Its all visual for me!
*Excerpt from her bio...."Sonia Stardust (aka Mindy Fisher) grew up in the backwoods of New Hampshire where she took part in activities such as pine needle fort building, beach trash sculpture making, and underground comics publishing." Ha ha...makes me laugh, Sonia! Thank you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Misprint Thursday

Photo by Misprint Thursday of Gossamer Logic. This installation runs from February 1 through Arpil 30, 2009 at the Chilbo Museum.
Just caught these pictures and videos of hers on the web and wanted to share! Beautiful!
NEW INSTALLATION: Looks like a Winner!

Five Artists - Aho Museum

I am honored to be in the company of so many well known Second Life Artists. The Opening event is Sunday, March 15, 2009 from 2 - 4 pm.
I'm really excited to have this opportunity to display my best work in such a great venue.


I visited the art installation called Stormeye again this weekend because I figured I missed something the first time. Its worth several return visits with friends. The snapshot I took is of the raindrops on the window that appear (if you are lucky) when you leave the chamber. My only complaint is that the earth around is dark (maybe my monitor needs to be replaced) and it was difficult to read the red hovering text above the teleporters. There is a teleporter to the Aho Museum where I have a show on the third floor.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Working Overtime!

Thanks to everyone who came to see the show last night, who came to the party on Saturday at my new gallery, and who have supported me in my artistic endeavors. Still trying to finish up my show at Gulara gallery which opens officially on Sunday and switching up things at Aho and my gallery. Oh...and I still have to finish my masks due on Thursday for the Alternative VR Group in SL. I'm inspired by others every day and wish there were more hours in the day to do everything I want to do......and still sleep....because sleep is necessary to reenergize the brain! Juko Tempel even took some awesome pictures of my new gallery. Thanks, Juko! :))) Nice blog about The Gallery of the Minotaur here....Thanks, Morris WORK IS CREATED INWORLD!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tricia Aferdita Gallery Opening Event

Opening Monday, March 2, 2009 at 7 pm. That's TONIGHT! I worked hard yesterday to get this exhibit up and it turned out nicely. The feature piece called "Attraction" has been described by my SL partner as being "primmy".

Included in the show are two "One-of-a-kind" sculptures in the Trial by Night series. Also exhibited here are two of my Limited Edition sets, "I Love You" and "Somewhere". I'm also exhibiting a mini sculpture of "Osmosis", minus the mist.

I'm still tired from Sunday's challenges. I hope a few people show up for the Opening and appreciate the effort taken to make it possible.