Monday, August 4, 2008


Primagery is a word I coined for something Sachi and I pioneered in Second Life as a means to create 2D art purely in Second Life. Its the closest thing to making paintings in SL as we can get. We build one or more prims and then apply textures to them--exploring volume, transparency, and luminosity-- and then capture it with a snapshot. Uploading the snapshot in its pure form (unaltered) we then have a 2D image which we lay down on a "canvas". Sachi Nozaki (SL name) --Her work is amazing and beautiful. Please come and see what is possible in Second Life in the world of art. Visit our private gallery "The Dark Side of the Moon".
You may be stunned at the experience. Join our Group too! Become an appreciator of Primagery! Hope to See you! Sledge Roffo

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