Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Show Opening at Gallery of the Minotaur

Breakdancing on Ice! 7 pm - 9 pm Friday, January 16, 2008

My work is scattered all over and with the holidays it was hard to focus on creating new work. The show at anandra just opened with some of my best stuff, including the sculpts I use to create them. However, I did find an opportunity to put together something entirely new and am featuring the series in my show this month, a series called "Assuage". I'm asking L$500 for each piece. I'm trying to incorporate line in my work, which is fairly difficult when you just use prims like I do but the random result is a pleasing abstract. The textures employed in these works are my own and the basis of the sculpt was an old work that I had abandoned months ago and revisited. The sculpt on display will be exhibited with two selected views in late Spring or early Summer as limited editions. One of the perils of working with SL tools is just like any computer generated file, if you don't save it..you will lose it. In the middle of playing with this sculpt, I inadvertently edited the color of the linked object and lost what I had created. I tried to reconstruct from an earlier version, and in the process discovered some new views that were interesting to photograph. The accidents are challenging and sometimes rewarding. *I just learned that there is an edit/undo--Oh Well...... This show will run to the middle of February. I have two shows in other galleries already lined up for February too so it should be an interesting month. I'm compiling the work now and always include new work in every show that I don't show elsewhere. The month of February is a Hallmark month of hearts and flowers. I hope to present something slightly different but suitable for the occasion. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Teegarden/92/94/27/?img=http%3A//i344.photobucket.com/albums/p321/zackly143/New%2520Life/minotaurinlabyrinth-2-2-1-2-4-1.jpg&title=The%20Gallery%20of%20the%20Minotaur&msg=%7EAuthentic%20Second%20Life%202D%20Art%7E

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