Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kinetic Light Sculptures - Cybernetic Art

Awesome and unbelievable variety of scale and play of shape and textures is displayed in the works of this acclaimed scientific light sculptor. His work looks and feels like what I work with in Second Life. Below is his new work coming to Chicago in 2010. He discovered his niche quite by accident, eventually obtaining an art degree. He continues to explore how particles are changed through light media. He also experiemented with abstract painting on glass. Light and vibrations of the wave form led him to develop a form of light. He did some stage lighting designs using his experiments. His lecture is very interesting ...the vibrating string becoming the impetus to his eventual full time involvement in light sculpture from very small to very large.
His work is interactive sometimes with responding wave forms. He references chaos and harmony as providing surprising results. Second Life offers to me the same sense of discovery. In fact one of the pictures of his installations includes a spontaneous response by one of the spectators who started to dance underneath his work--not unlike a SL experience. In order to make the large abstract works he has to use long plastic strips to create a skeleton on which to apply the chromoscopic light. He is definitely a Physicist working with abstract cosmology. Way over my head and beyond! I'm just a lowly painter playing in Second Life.....with no understanding of the underlying principles of Einsteins applied theories or even how my computer works.

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