Friday, September 25, 2009

Sledge Roffo's Small Art Parcel - 576 sq M - 300 Prims

So here is what the camp looked like after one day.
The flatbed and the old pick-up are full of materials and a few days of supplies.
There isn't a convenience store nearby and as you can see its in the middle of the desert. Not even a tree for shade. This dry parched campsite will be transformed into an oasis. The lightweight balsa wood blocks will rise from the fossil pond into an explosion of color and sound. Clouds of mist and the churning of time and devolving matter will represent "The Cambrian Explosion".
Excert from Burning Life 2009 Guidelines: Just pretend that you're bringing everything you need with you in your car or truck and you're going camping. Extreme Camping. Really Extreme Camping.

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