Monday, January 25, 2010

Richard Diebenkorn and the Ocean Park Series

Ocean Park #19
Ocean Park #122
(Excerpt from ) "....In 1967, Diebenkorn started a new series of paintings called the Ocean Park paintings-large canvases, each bearing the same title, Ocean Park, but individuated with a number that indicates, presumably, the order of its completion. The series had reached number 140 by late last year, which allows a rough calculation of Diebenkorn's annual output. They clearly are something more than abstractions with recurrent compositional motifs, cadences, pastel tonalities, scumbled fields and tapelike forms, and stunning juxtapositions of color swept on with masterful brushwork."
Someone in Second Life suggested that my new Spatial Series is reminicent of Diebenkorn. I'm very much influenced by painters but frankly was not familiar with this body of work. I see the resemblance and would hope some day to have as much finesse with the brush on canvas. As far as I am concerned, it will never be passe. But maybe I have found a way to enter the next century and still portray stunning images of an abstract impressionist style.

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