Monday, June 7, 2010

Clouds at PiRats

The first photo is of Cloud 99, a non-scripted entry in the June UWA 3D Competition. It turned out to be failed attempt to create a sculpture for a primagery series that had the appearance of alot of white paint, similar to Susan Rothenberg's works. The pictures were only half as good as the sculpture.
The second one is a photo taken from inside my latest scripted sculpture in the Cloud series and is the background for the poster for the Opening event. The alpha texture from Jewel. A confetti-like effect suitable for the SL7B parcel exhibit coming soon called Confetti Cannon, this sculpture is called Cloud 49, made from 49 active prims. Also, like paint splatters of Pollack but digital and dimensional - the photos are equally as successful as the 3D work.