Thursday, November 11, 2010

E-Motion in Berlin

This is a picture of my entry into the E-Motion contest - "Prism Angst" This scripted sculpture received 121 jury votes - with the top jury votes at 125 - :) But the real winners got the public votes too...and they all cool! Here were the rules:
1. The artwork has to be new and created exclusively for this specific contest.2. The topic is "eMotion" This has two meanings, "electronic motion" and "emotion" in the sense of "moving the mind"3. Something has to "move" in the artwork, either animations, particles or through scripts. Flat pictures without movement are not accepted.4. You can use up to 25 prims.5. One piece per participant!6. As usual in my contests there will be a public and a jury panel voting.
The sculpture is for sale. Come look at all the entries! 300 visitors so far....

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