Monday, January 17, 2011

House Full of Shadows

Pirats - Omega Art Gallery, PiRats Art Network (63, 77, 85)
Featured on the poster is a picture from the exhibit that I brought to this gallery. Its called a House Full of Shadows. It's a 3D experience that falls into a category that is only possible in a virtal world - where else could I build something like this? Come experience it and let the shadows play on your avi.
The textures were created by Jewel MacMoragh, my ex partner and collaborator. This House Full of Shadows is dedicated to her and our memories together and to everyone that has enjoyed time with another and loved another. On the wall is an excerpt from a song..."In this House full of shadows, while the rain keeps pouring down my window too, when will the pain recede to the darkness, from whence it is come and I'm feeling so blue". Van Morrison wrote these words in "Reminds Me of You".

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J~ said...

you rock my gypsy soul