Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bauhaus Revisted

A show I can really relate to...:) My friend Soundsmith Kamachi is curator at the Vista Hermosa Art Center and put together an exhibit that suits me just fine. I'm all about revisiting --- not reinventing.
The concept: The idea is that the artwork shows how Bauhaus has influenced your art or, alternatively, how you would interpret Bauhaus concepts in today's context. "Bauhaus" of course comprises all phases - from foundation in Weimar, over consolidation phase to its disintegration in Berlin. Influences, e.g. Expressionism or De Stijl.
The opening of "Bauhaus Revisited" is preliminarily scheduled for June 4 (a Saturday) at 2 PM SLT. Opening event:At the opening there will be a dance performance of Oskar Schlemmer's "Dance of the Sticks" by Janjii Rugani with music by Soundsmith Kamachi. As usual, there will be a live concert during the opening, plus champagne and dance balls.

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