Monday, November 21, 2011

Suspicious Mountain Revisited

In June I unveiled what I thought might be my last Primagery series called Suspicious Mountain.  Then I was asked to exhibit more of my work at a couple of other galleries.  I had already compiled a retrospective at the Mexico gallery so what was I going to do that was new and interesting?  I went through my inventory of pictures and decided to resurrect the Suspicious Mountain prim sculptures and see what else I could find.  I put them all together, retextured them, spun them upside down and all around and took about 30 shots - not necessarily of suspicious looking mountains.  Out of all those shots, there was one that stood out - and it had that suspicious looking mountain in it.  It will be auctioned off at the Artisan Castle on Friday as a one-of-a-kind.  I think its beautiful.  Here is a reproduction.
Many of my textures were created by Jewel MacMoragh when we were partnered and before she left SL.  The irridescent texture you see in the landscape above makes this piece a winner.

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JulieFaith said...

It is your touch that makes the texture come alive. As always <3