Friday, May 8, 2009

Stronger Dance - Can't Please Everybody

At the advice of Japanese artist, Comet Moragi, I embarked on an ambitious attempt to make the largest sculptures I could without using those pesky mega prims. She also was the person who challenged me to add scripts to my sculptures. I make static sculptures for Primagery in Limited Editions. I make them miniature to display in the home. I make large scripted sculptures for outdoor installations as one-of-a kind. I am willing to display the large Primagery sculptures but at this juncture, have not offered them for sale. The large sculptures have particle scripts in them and do not resize with any controlled success. Bettina Tizzy thinks I should consider using a resizer script for my primagery sculptures so that potential purchasers have more options. This weekend I will change "Assuage" because I haven't sold one of them and can change the sculpture without consequence. The sculptures I make are expensive because they are limited in quantity and will no longer be available once the edition is exhausted. It takes months to put together a show like the one at anandra. Its no easy undertaking and its impossible to please everyone.


w.w. said...

Sledge, keep on keeping on. The pleasure is simply in the doing, and the beholding. The pleasure is in seeing, as it is in just being. :)

Sledge said...

Thanks for the thoughtful words and encouragement.

Bettina Tizzy said...

Ah Sledge... It will NEVER be possible to please everyone. But as long as we care enough to express an opinion, to wish for this or that regarding your work, then you know it matters. And it most certainly does!