Friday, October 16, 2009

Burning Life Opens the Gates Today

Get ready to RUMBLE! Get a gift and LM to some wonderful installations at the Art Exhibit tent. See the artsy Porta Potties, even one by me.
Drop by and visit my art parcel, called the Cambrian Explosion. Use the zero gravity sky balls or fly inside yourself. Try walking to the water and see what happens. Inside you will experience some music and visuals that capture my abstract idea of 30 million years of evolution from plankton to vertibrates such as the now extinct trilobites, micromitra, and hurdia victorias. Based on my block prims from the Rebuild series and inspired by the work of the now deceased Vanfarel Kupfer and my admiration of the use of subtle gauze textures by Glyph Graves, I sought to create an exciting and beautiful literal explosion of colors and shapes that springs from a pond in a fossil bed.

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