Friday, October 2, 2009

George Hart - Geometric Sculptures

This piece is called "Tumbleweed" and I might try to do something like it in SL but with alphas. On the otherhand..I might even try the metal look. I need to put a little tumbleweed on the desert plot in Burning Life. Most all geometric sculpture is symmetrical and precise--something that I find nice to look at but overwhelmingly restrictive to my way of working. George W. Hart makes some beautiful sculptures. There are actually many out there just like him but I stumbled across his work when I googled tumbleweed. Vladimir Bulatov and Bathsheba Grossman have similar backgrounds and approaches.

In Second Life Bathsheba Grossman is know as Wizard Gynoid. Then there is always Seifert Surface (mathemetician Henry Segerman in RL)...and probably others that use mathematics and scientific principles on purpose to create art in Second Life.

More about George Hart and geometric sculptures:

He writes about geometric sculptures:


Henry S said...

Bathsheba Grossman != Wizard Gynoid, although they have worked together. Bathsheba was Bathsheba Dorn in SL, although I don't think she has logged in in recent months.


Wizzy Gynoid said...

Nope. I am not Bathsheba. Don't know where you got that idea.