Sunday, August 1, 2010

Georgia O'Keefe

Soon I plan to unveil some distinctively O'Keefe style primagery. Her ability to see the abstract in nature by zooming in, closely parallels my relationship with the prim. Because I don't use sculpties (some day, maybe), I don't have the freedom of shaping the forms relative to my "canvas" but it is remarkable, just how much it still feels like it is working. In this series, I've challenged myself to utilizing one shape only - a version of a two-fold calabi-yau or my favorite twisted torus. The element of light will personalize it for me...setting up the photos..making them "feel" like a canvas. Abstract flowers and landscapes that evoke her style is my goal for this series I call "Georgia". To see some examples Update: New Show scheduled for December for the unveiling of "Georgia" primagery series