Monday, August 16, 2010

POP ART LAB - Art Breakers

Art Breaker takes off! The participating artists: Bryn Oh ( Abstract Baroque Misprint Thursday Misu Susanowa ( Sunn Thunders ( Binary Quandry Sabrinaa Nightfire Sledge Roffo The theme of my installation: De Stijl: [deh STILE] A movement among artists and architects in post-WWI Holland who sought to create a universal style in painting, architecture, and design, using rectangles and squares in flat planes of bold primary colors and black, gray and white. Update: I started with De Stijl rules...but I had to BREAK them! Come see! 1. The maximum number of prims allowed for each artist/artist group is 400. 2. All installations/pieces should be inter- or reactive. 3. Building can take place from 2010-08-14 till end date 2010-09-03. 4. After a 2 months showcase all installations will be removed. 5. Scripts should be made low lag. Important dates: July 3 – July 31: Call for proposals (send/show us your ideas)July 31 – August 13: Evaluation (committee selects the 8 participating entries)August 14, Saturday: Rezz (build starts)September 4, Saturday: Event (showcase incl. happenings)October 6, Saturday: End (removal of builds)