Sunday, April 10, 2011

Glyph Graves to Sabrinaa Nightfire

A beautiful creation by Glyph Graves, for all to experience:
The notecard:
"In one of our last conversations Sabrinaa said to me "I want to go kayaking" Its something she enjoyed very much and she kayaked in the river that flowed right past her house I imagine her gliding across its surface creating gentle ripples across its surface When we move through the world be it virtual or physical we create ripples, and, sometimes those ripples touch others. Sabrinaa created many ripples, gentle ones. This piece for Sabrinna is in two parts The first is a representation of her river go on, walk through it .. make your own ripples The second part is a flower, as many of you know she loved to make her flowers..... this one is for Sabrinaa. you can reach by touching the smaller flower at the base of its stem. Please turn off streaming music and media. Once there you can hear her river, the one that flows right next to her house. The notes and colours of the balls you see are chosen by the height and the surface temperature of her river. They will phase in and out with each other like an unstructured Steve Riech, there is no set tempo each one moving to the vaugarities imposed by the sim, bobbing like leaves on water, As her river slowly rises and lowers the texture is shifted so it changes the colour of the flower head that surrounds you. you may want to up your draw distance and pan from the outside. Sunset is a good setting. This is her river in real time more or less ..
Glyph AcknowledgmentsSoundsChords by Lorin ToneAmbiant Drone by DJ Chronos ( by Jovica ("

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