Friday, April 15, 2011

Oberon Onmura

The snapshots are taken from Oberon Onmura's exhibit at his sim, Push. The notecard is paraphrased below...
"April, 2011 I have prepared five pieces - some old, some new - for display at my place on Push. I'd be very happy to show them to you personally, or you can just visit whenever you get a chance. Here are very brief descriptions and LMs. Please use this notecard as a self-guide to go from piece to piece.
One of my earliest pieces using opposing physical objects to create movement and energy. There is also, in my mind, a cognitive tension created by seeing seemingly massive steel cubes dancing in space like helium balloons.
The brick blocks that make up the Plaza rise and fall and change color depending on the density of the cloud cover overhead. Random chairs appear and disappear, giving the scene an added desolation.
Contact Improvisational
Based on a dance improvisation technique from the 1970s, the prim "dancers" control and energize each other in a continuous dance.
The Stand
A stand of cybernetic ornamental grass, waving and changing color as the wind blows through. They collapse when avatars get too close.
A cyclonic type wind that is common in Egypt and Sudan towards the end of March and April of each year. Hot weather ensues, as well as sandstorms."
I loved them all but best one for me was Khamaseen...

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