Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dreamtaker and The Dream

I received a notice regarding a Sculpture competition for "The Dream" so started to experiment with my conception of that idea. During its construction an opportunity to donate something for a Dream Fair occurred so I thought I would submit the developed portion of the piece I started for the competition. I've taken a literal interpretation of the theme and represented it abstractly with very subtle muted colors which are dreamlike. The piece I will enter into the competion is called "Trial by Night" and more colorful. The piece represented in the pictures here is called "Dreamtaker"and has a life of its own. The scripts used are moving water, color changing, and breathing.

Over the weekend I built a new gallery of my own design and am planning a party with a DJ on Sunday. The lag is bad though and I will have to move way up in the sky to get away from all the scripting in the next door game parlor. Tonight I will be trying to save everything, link it and move it. I also made some masks and a new series or two. The second one I made wasn't as successful as the first one but there were some shots I liked, just don't know if anyone else will like it. I showed it to someone I respect and they thought it was too busy---possibly because I was using black and white in it with one color, which is a challenge.

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