Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Chapter

Here I am in my gallery with one of the two sculptures I created last month. Its called Assuage and is the one I used to create the image shown in a previous post. I made another one on Saturday for a series I call Mystic. Then it came to me...something that has been bothering me since last week. Some girl called Comet asked me why I don't make my sculptures move and do things like everyone else. Then I read in a forum where one person said they admire SL artists who are geeks..."complete artists", she said. Well, it doesn't take a geek to add scripts and it doesn't take scripts to make sculptures in Second Life that are moving (like move your soul, for instance) made me think of further possibilities. I don't live in a vacuum...and like a good challenge every so often. Let me first say that I've used scripts in my sculptures before but the best photographs are taken when the prims are motionless. Why make it more difficult to capture the image? So for sculptures I use for taking photographs, it isn't necessary to add scripts and since I am a purist, and the process is such an important part of the artwork, they will only have a rotating script for presentation purposes. I'm making sculptures now...not for creating images but to complete my experience as a Second Life artist. I'm adding scripts when it doesn't take away from the overall experience...where is adds something provocative. My first scripted sculpture is full size and limited in availability. One will be on permanent display on the ceiling of anandra Contemporary Arts Forum and the other will be available at an auction coming up after Valentine's Day. When that event occurs I will post a picture on this site.

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Sunn Thunders said...

Keep doing what you love and enjoy, Sledge. Your work is always a pleasure to experience, whether it is "moving" or just "moving"... :)