Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rolling Restart Spoils the Party

On Sunday morning, February 22, Linden Labs decided to restart the mainland region where my gallery and home is located. The textures are still loading and its been 2 full days with no improvement. Consequently, the Grand Opening of my newly built gallery had to be cancelled. In the meantime, I find myself involved in three separate exhibits this month. I started setting up the show at Aho Gallery on NMC last night and it looks good. Basically, I am showing the sculptures and accompanying pictures of 7 different series plus 5 additional single pieces at lower cost. The show at Tricia Aferdita's gallery will feature several male/female duets with the main poster from a piece called "Attraction" and the Limited Edition set called "I Love You" including an additional piece as a trio display. "Flowerful", "Lexicon", and "Morning" are all good series for the theme that originally was meant for the month of February. At Gulara Gallery I am going out on a limb a bit and including several collaborative pieces from when Sachi and I were together. This time her name will appear in the description and she will share in any sales. Her photographs of my prim groupings (sculptures) were awesome and it would be a shame to keep them hidden from view for too long. It should make the show even more interesting.

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